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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wedding Cake, Heels + Diamonds...OH MY
Skylar + Will
Ok, so I am a bit of a shoe fanatic, I LOVE shoes. The good news is that Brandon can't say much because he (thanks to me) has a ton of shore too.  What can I say, I would be the old lady who lived in a shoe! This being said, when I saw Skylar's shoes I was totally inspired for her entire wedding. Crazy, maybe, but you can tell a lot by a girls shoes, trust me.

Skylar's shoes were white high heals encrusted with beautiful diamonds brilliantly sparking in the sun beaming though the window. I turned and looked at Skylar, she too was brilliantly sparking with joy, excitement and love. A true Cinderella with the shoe to fit. Their wedding was truly amazing and filled with love. 

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Love, Romance + The Beach 

Summer + Patrick 

She is beautiful blonde and blue eyes 
He is tall dark and handsome
They share a deep love and kindred spirit

When we asked them "where and how do you spend your time together?". The first response was, "on the beach with our dogs!". PERFECT! This was easy for Brandon and I to envision since we love to spend our time the same way. So we all packed up and headed to Honeymoon Island just before sunset. 

Obviously the dogs were absolutely stoked to be going to the beach riding in the affectionately named "doggie coach", Patrick + Summer old Dodge that is used just for these beloved trips. I now want an old Dodge too!