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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Giant Teddy Bear + A Newborn 
Baby Alex
Obviously babies are adorable with the way they yawn, cuddle and coo. Their little fingers and toes are too cute. What an amazing little life. Alex is perfect. A perfect little replica of his beautiful mommy and dapper daddy, with a joyful little sister to watch over him. Oh and a great big teddy bear to grow up with!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Intimate @ Home Engagement Session
Julia + John
We often get the question from our couples, "where should we do our engagement session?". Great question, and if you want our opinion, trust me, we have them. Our opinions have opinions. However, when it comes to engagement session location we send back an email that reads:

"If your anything like us, you get caught up in work, family, friends and...well life, right?. We go through our day not realizing how our "everyday" is beautiful, personal and unique. The challenge here, is to take some time to think about your love story and how the journey is unfolding, then revealing that in front of our cameras.

Your love story could be you reading a book on the couch with your head on a pillow in his lap while he is drinking a warm cup of coffee. This followed by making a wonderful meal together and then enjoy a glass of wine on the porch as the sun sets. We can document that in a way that shows the true beauty of your love. Or maybe it's walks in the park with your dog, stopping for an ice-cream cone and then taking a nap by the ocean. Whatever your journey is OWN IT, it's beautiful!"

Julia + John decided to let us capture what a romantic date night at home looks like for them in their beautiful garden John takes amazing care of. It was truly an honor to spend the evening with them as they made sushi together, laughing and cuddling in the kitchen. Then changing into their date night attire to enjoy a tasty meal in the garden with a glass of wine (it was delicious, they made us some too!). This was followed by a venture up to the rooftop patio to sit and enjoy the beautiful weather.

OH! They have chickens... so obviously we had to get a few photos with them kissing
+ holding the chickens.